About UPIQ

About Us

The Utah Pediatric Partnership to Improve Healthcare Quality is a collaborative effort by organizations and individuals with a common interest in promoting evidence-based best practices and assisting physicians in implementing quality improvement at the practice level.

“Evidence-based” means that there is evidence from research that the practice is effective and/or results in the desired outcome. Sometimes, particularly with uncommon conditions, the best available evidence may be the opinions of clinicians with extensive experience. In either case, UPIQ presents the background and the data to support physicians in choosing their tools and designing their improvement strategies.

“Best practices” are those that result in the best outcomes for patients and populations and that maximize the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of health services.

“Quality improvement” is a way to both evaluate and improve aspects of patient care that involves all members of the health care team. Quality improvement focuses on systems and processes of care, rather than on the roles or performance of individuals. The goal of quality improvement is to reduce inappropriate variations in the delivery of patient care. Learn how to implement quality improvement in your practice.