UPIQ Needs Assessment

Executive Summary:

The need for improvement in the quality of healthcare received by children in the United States is well documented. Virtually every study that has examined the health status of children or the specific components of care they receive has found opportunities for improvement. Numerous organizations and governmental agencies are focusing on quality at the national level, though little of their effort is aimed at children’s healthcare. For a number of reasons, including demands of states and consumers, physician specialty boards, including the American Board of Pediatrics and the American Board of Family Medicine, will require evidence of quality improvement in practice in
order for physicians to maintain their board certification.

Although, on some measures of health, Utah’s children seem to fare better than those in the rest of the country, our children’s health and healthcare are still far from optimal. Since 2003, the Utah Pediatric Partnership to Improve Healthcare Quality (UPIQ) has been striving, through a variety of activities, to help primary care clinicians improve the quality of healthcare they deliver to children.

UPIQ undertook this needs assessment to:
• better understand the primary care quality improvement needs of Utah’s children and their healthcare providers, and
• guide UPIQ’s strategies to support Utah’s primary care practices in improving the care they provide and the systems needed to sustain those improvements.

For this broad-based evaluation, we reviewed quality improvement literature, national and state
health indicators, and various data sets; conducted guided interviews of primary care physicians. Through this
process, we identified priority targets for intervention, as well as several challenges to accomplishing meaningful, successful, and sustainable quality improvement.

UPIQ is committed to providing value to the Pediatric clinicians community in Utah to help move them towards a culture of continued improvement.  In 2014, we began a review of recent scientific literature, public health data on the state and national level, and structured interviews with local pediatricians to better understand the needs of practicing clinicians in Utah.

This assessment will be updated on a periodic basis as new sources of information become available.

1. UPIQ Steering Committee and Staff

2. Public Health Data/Information Sources:

a. National Vital Statistics System Records

b. Healthy People 2020

c. National Survey of Children’s Health (2013)

d. National Survey of Children with Special Health Care Needs

e. National Healthcare Quality Report

f. Utah Indicator Based Information System – Public Health

4.  Pediatrician Interviews Summary

Previous Needs Assessments:

In September 2008, UPIQ completed a comprehensive assessment of the needs for pediatric primary care quality improvement in Utah, funded in part by a grant from the Utah Medical Association Foundation. Please review the full report or the executive summary and let us know your ideas, critiques, or interest in collaboration.